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Retail MBA Personal Care and Health Care Product Category 
Advanced Webinar Training and Buyer List Includes:
Here’s what’s included in the Advanced Personal Care and Health Care Product Webinar Training:

During this training, Retail Industry Expert Karen Waksman, will explain...

-How to approach Major Retail Buyers with your Personal Care and Health Care product

-What Makes a Major Retail Buyer More Inclined to Buy

-What Not to Do When Approaching Major Retailers with Your Personal Care and Health Care Product

-How to Pitch Your Products to Major Retailers the Right Way And much more!

-We Also Provide Additional Content on How to Reach Out to an Appropriate Buyer Even If They Are Not on the List (Advanced Sales Techniques). This training is epic!! 

  • The Lists We Provided Are UPDATED CONSISTENTLY!
  • No Fluff Content – These are True Major Retail Buyers Contact Information!
  • We Include Email Addresses For Retail Buyers For All Of Our Lists (Most of Our Competitors Don't)
  • We Also Include Corporate Phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses as Well!
  • Our Goal is To Provide a One-Stop Shop For Anyone Trying to Find Buyers Contact Information. No More Going to 5-10 Different Resources!
  • All Lists Include Advanced Sales Training Techniques From a Retail Expert Who Has Sold Millions Of Products to the World’s Largest Retailers! - This is HUGE! One Chain Store Order Can Mean Millions of Dollars to Your Business and Bottom Line. You Can Send out Emails All Day Long to Buyers Without Getting a Response. Follow Our Simplified Approach - The Same Proven One We've Been Utilizing for Close to 2 Decades! 
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We Offer a 7 Day Refund Policy Due to Advanced Training and List
Personal Care and Health Care Product Webinar and List of Buyer's Contacts at the Top 100 Retailers!! And Training on How to Use This EPIC List!
  • Advanced 70 Minute Retail MBA Webinar Training System:  A Paint-By-Numbers Program Explaining EXACTLY How to Pitch a Chain Store Buyer with this Webinar and List! ! No Sales Experience, Buyer Relationships or Patents Required! This Training is Unique to this Retail Buyer List - Not as Extensive as our Retail MBA Full Training System - But Answers Your Most Pressing Questions on How to Reach Out to a Chain Store Buyer! 
  • ​Receive a PROVEN Time-Tested Formula That Continues to Convert For Over 2 Decades Now for Products in Every Product Category! Don't Reinvent the Wheel - We Know How to Help!!
  • ​Exact PItch's to Use to Reach Out to Retail Buyers That Have Converted For Clients in Every Product Category!
  • Personal Care and Health Care Products Category List of Buyer's Contacts! THIS LIST IS GOLD! Includes Buyers First Name, Last Name, Category They Purchase, Corporate Phone Number and More! You will receive list 7-10 days after purchase!
  • Your Price Today:         $697 with Webinar and Buyer List Contacts and Advanced Webinar Retail Sales Training on How to Ensure Success with This List! (One Chain Store Order Can Mean Millions of Dollars to Your Product Business).
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    This Top Amazon Seller Got His Products into Zulily and Other Retailers in a Few Weeks!

    He Got His Brand New Invention into Wal-Mart Stores!
    About Karen Waksman and Our Satisfaction Guarantee!

    Karen Waksman

    For the last decade, Karen Waksman (Founder of Retail MBA) has taught 10's of thousands of physical product companies across the globe on how to approach, pitch an sell to major retail buyers. Her Retail MBA Training Systems have empowered small to mid-size physical product companies to become vendors at retailers such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kroger Grocery Store and much, much more!

    Karen's powerful proven, time-tested sales methodology has worked for physical product companies with zero sales experience or buyer relationships - to advanced retail sellers!
    You're 100% Safe & Protected. Your Information Is Secured Using The World's Best Technology. The Same Technology You Would Find At Your Local Bank.  10 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
    You are so close to building the retail business of your dreams and getting the results they have always wanted! Get your products into retail stores NOW! Sign up to Get Started Today!
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