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Retail MBA Certification System - 12 Month Program!
Want to Make More Money Than You Ever Dreamed Possible With Your Physical Product During These Next 12 Months?   If so, You Will Absolutely LOVE our 
New Retail MBA Certification System!
It's Time to Get Your Products into the Hands of Customers All Over the Globe!
• Do you have a product that you think would be perfect for online retailers, catalogs, HSN/ QVC, Groupon, Corporations and Much Much More? 

• Are you serious about increasing your revenue exponentially in 2019 with your physical product business?

• Would you like Karen Waksman, a Product Expert with over 20 years of product sales experience to help you get your products into the hands of as many people as possible in 2019 and beyond?

What is the Retail MBA Certification System - 12 Month Program?
This intensive 12 MONTH program is designed to FAST TRACK you through the process of making money with a physical product in the shortest amount of time. Let Karen Waksman walk you through the process of how she sold millions of units or products and how you can too!

About This Certification Program: This Year Long Certification System Includes 12 Advanced Training Programs and Q&A Calls (24 Group Calls Total) to ensure success as you are exploring these distribution strategies! Each program will support you in every step of the process of generating revenue with a physical product business! One Q&A Call is for the Retail MBA Training System and one Call is to Discuss the Individual Training Provided in this System! 

All Attendees will receive buyer contacts and additional resources as listed below. All training will be pre-recorded and Q&A Calls will be LIVE.

List of Advanced Training That You Will Receive (in No Particular Order):
1. Small Retail MBA – Advanced Training on How to Sell Your Products to Smaller Retailers such as Boutiques, Convenience Stores and More! (Includes Basic List of Distributors!) - $997 Value

2. Manufacturer’s Representative MBA – How to Get the Best Manufacturer’s Rep to Represent Your Product – Includes List of Manufacturers Reps! (Includes List of Independent Sales Reps!) - $997 Value

3. Catalog Sales MBA – How to Sell Your Products to Mail Order and Online Catalogs For Consistent Revenue - (Includes Resource Guide) - $497 Value

4. Licensing MBA – How to Get Your Products Licensed by Manufacturers and Big Corporations (with Industry Expert!) (Includes Resource Guide) - $497 Value

5. Corporate Sales MBA –How to Sell Your Products to Companies and Big Corporations (Beyond Retail) for Massive Profits and Sales! - $997 Value

6. Online Retail MBA – How to Sell Your Products to Major Online Retail Outlets (with Online Buyer Contact List) - $997 Value

7. Retail Marketing MBA – Advanced Retail Marketing Strategies to Ensure Repeat Orders From Chain Stores - $997 Value

8. SEO for E-Commerce MBA – Advanced SEO Strategies to Get Your Products Ranked on the Top Pages of Google (with SEO Expert!) - $997 Value

9. TV Sales MBA – How to Sell Your Products to HSN and QVC and Other TV Show Outlets (with HSN and QVC Expert!) - $997 Value

10. Groupon Goods MBA – How to Sell Your Products to Groupon and Other Daily Deal Outlets (with Groupon Buyer Interview and Buyer Contact Lists!) - $997 Value

11. Retail Exports MBA – How to Distribute Your Retail Products Internationally - (with Resource Guides) - $997 Value

12. Distribution Business MBA – How to Start Your Own Distribution Business By Selling  Other People’s Products For Cash and Profit! Or just become your OWN distributor by adding other people's products to your existing product selection! - $997 Value

13. Bonus Track - Selling to Big Box Retail Chains - 90 Minute Recording. So You Can Learn Exactly How to Approach, Pitch and Sell to Retail Chains! No Sales Experience or Buyer Relationships Required! This is a webinar training that covers the core basics of selling to retail chains (this is not the full Retail MBA Training System- but still powerful!)
(Total Value: $10,470)
12 Month Program Includes 24 Group Coaching Calls (2x a Month), Epic Training Systems, Certificate of Completion and More! 
One of the Q&A Calls - Will Be With Our Monthly Retail MBA Q&A Call 
(For Those of You Who Already Participate in It!)

**All participant will receive a Retail MBA Certification of Completion at the end of this EPIC 12 MONTH PROGRAM!**

Cost for the Retail MBA Certification Program is $497 Per Month / 12 Month Program

(Costs $10,470 anywhere else)
Add To Order - Only $497 Per Month/ 12 MONTHS.
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**12 Month Program Includes 24 Group Coaching Calls (2x a Month), Epic Training Systems, Certificate of Completion and More! SIGN UP NOW!**

**No Refunds for this Program!**